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DäwöUjäwö develops, manufacture and assembles high performance Injection Molding Machine Auxiliary equipment’s that provides Enhanced Productivity, Cost Reduction and Operational Safety.

Sorter Unit are generally mounted below the tool of an injection molding machine and serve to separate the material flow. The body of the reject chute consists of stable welded stainless steel and disposes of a moveable flap which divides the material flow into two channels (2-way chute).

The Sorter Unit have different functions:

  • They are used to discharge start up or reject parts. A signal form the control unit if the machine switches over the chute flop and to conduct the reject parts into a separate container. In the function of a QA-chute, a shot is discharged automatically for QA-check in regular intervals. Here the devices are used as separation chute, selection flap, i.e. with every shot, there is a switch of the chute. Thus, the good parts are conducted into one channel. Reject and First 5 shot parts diverted to non-operator side.
  • This is combination of Chute, QA Sorter, Bin Guide & Cover Unit.
  • All starter units are designed individually according to the machine and the intended task. The sorter Units serve for automation of the production process and contribute to quality management.
  • Now available also in India.

Manufacturing Products & Portfolio

Air Balanced Mold Assembly Table

Features And Benefits:

Ergonomic design for easy handling

Separate controls allow unrestricted, effortless movement of both mould halves

Both mould halves are freely accessible without having to reposition or turn them around.

Sturdy table withstanding strong impacts and loads up to 3000kg

Narrow mould halves can be fixed with a mounting bracket increased productivity

Saving in time and costs through reduced fitting times

Efficient operating due to easy handling more safety and protection

Provides more safety for the workers.

Prevents valuable tools from damage

Injection Molding Machine
Quality Sorter Unit

Features And Benefits:

Precise operation

Improved process reliability

Less production cost (avoids manual sorting)

Less maintenance

Low cycle time

Quality assurance directly after the injection process

Technical Specification:

This unique design separates parts from the mold to remain apart while directing them to the front of the machine without contamination, loss or damage. Combined designed of Chute, Flap & Bin Guide

Complete Covered bins to avoid mix-up

Rejected part locking provision available.

CCD Microscope Camera

Features And Benefits:

Precise operation

Quality Inspection of Moulded Parts


Technical Specification:

14 Mega pixel, FHD 1080P 60FPS 2K HDMI USB Digital Industry Video Microscope Camera Set System 180X 300X

Potting System

Features And Benefits:

Powerful vacuum pump for effective evacuation

USB port interface on control unit

User-friendly operation with control Stable welded stainless

Higher component reliability and life-span due to improved impregnation

Low investment cost